We are Home  Breeders of European and American 
Great Danes puppies 

We groom approved AKC registered great puppies available

The Great Dane’s size attracts attention and offers instant protection -- no one will guess what a sweetheart he is on the inside.The Great Dane is a real family companion. He wants to share the couch and help you watch TV.

We want our Great Danes to have mastiff features with a slightly leaner hound anatomy. They must be lazy couch potatoes but also able to run at good speed and be agile for short periods without difficulty.

 We take a lifetime responsibility for the animals we have bred.


A dane is like a child.He needs lots of love and alot of disciple

We are Responsible breeders; we have focused our efforts on few breeds and through breeding, historical research and ongoing study, mentoring relationships, club memberships, showing, raising and training of these breeds, we have become experts in their health, heritable defects, temperament and behavior.

We are well suited to educate and screen potential buyers/adopters and provide follow-up support after purchase or adoption.


Relevant Reviews

“They brought in Asher. He was shy but immediately ran into my lap and started to purr. I knew he was the one and took him home that day. From that day on I have loved him more than anything. He is my favorite thing to come home to every day. He loves to play and I have stairs so he loves to run up and down the stairs. He truly is a blessing”
“She is now my little hiker, napper, cuddler, perfect little companion. My heart is so full and I thank premium great farm in taking such great care of her and taking updates when they  continuously called to check on her.”
“Jordon is a creature with a lot of energy, but he is a sweet dog. I have no regrets adopting him and he has been the energy that was needed since the pandemic started. He may drive me crazy sometimes, but I have no regrets adopting him..”